Windows 8!

Maybe we should be titled this: Mousing is getting a makeover.

Microsoft has introduced Windows 8 into the testing phase. What this means to you is that “touch” is entering the mainstream PC marketplace.

If you have a smartphone, iPad or Android tablet, you already know what’s coming. There’s a convergence of phone, tablet and desktop “look and feel” going on. Apple, Microsoft, Android, the contest rages on.  Within the next 12-18 months, “touch” will be the standard.

Yes there are ergonomic challenges here but let’s let them fight it out.   If you’re still running your business on Windows XP you’re going to hear footsteps coming your way and there’s no stopping progress, maybe not today but soon you’ll have to get on board.  So think about the flicks, points and zooms you do with your smartphone and you’ll step easily into the latest Operating System from Microsoft.

Underneath the hood the engine of Windows 7 remains and that’s pretty solid.

Go boldly forth – and happy computing!

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