SmartPhones = Efficiency & Marketing

Smartphones change how you do business.  As I mentioned in the last post, you should have them help increase your bottom line! There are at least 4 major business functions that Smartphones can streamline.  Communication and Organization you read about here last week – the second two are Efficiency and Marketing:

Efficiency (Time)

  • Dr. Seuss’s “Oh! The places you’ll go.”  You’ve all read it I’m sure.  We’ll there’s a couple pages dedicated to something we’re all familiar with:  The Waiting Place.  Get familiar with turning that 15-20 minutes of waiting time into answering emails, sending directions or new ideas back to the home office.
  • Need to keep field technicians on schedule?  If your industry-specific software doesn’t have a mobile app, they soon will.  Meanwhile the built-in calendars and links to your mail server’s calendar keep the day flowing smoothly.
  • GPS.  Global Positioning System.  Use for example Google’s Navigator app in place of your GPS but also to calculate distances/time for travel to client meetings or jobs.  Can also help you provide more accurate estimates of job costs while in the field.
  • Use Bar Code and QR Code apps to quickly research or convey information about products, both yours and competitors.  You do have and use QR Codes, right ?


  • Check out your own website on a Smartphone.  Does it look good and is it easy to navigate?  It should, because mobile lookups on your business are surging to the lead in all first impressions by potential clients.
  • Update your company Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. while onsite or in The Waiting Place.
  • Video or snap a pic of a job you just arrived at.  Upload to Youtube or PhotoBucket with a comment like “Jumpin’ horse feathers! Look at this!”  Keep recording at key points along the wayand then upload the finished product straight to your Social Media sites.
  • Invite your clients to participate and comment in the online “process” of your service.  It builds a sense of membership and loyalty.  Plus it can be kind of fun!

This is a lot, and it is only scratching the surface.  Give us a call if you have any questions or want to know more about your SmartPhone.  We are setting up workshops near you!

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