Flashfake (back) Mac OS X botnet

A quick post for our Mac users out there – there is a nasty trojan on the net trying to get into your system!  According to www.securelist.com it is being distributed via infected websites as a Java applet that pretends to be an update for the Adobe Flash Player.

Once installed, the trojan adds entries to the host’s file to hijack users visiting various Google sites (e.g., Google.com.tw, Google.com.tl, etc.) to an IP address in Netherlands. Trojans are infections that can expose computers to control by hackers.  A botnet – in laymans terms – is what happens when many computers are infected and the power from all those computers can be used as one.  This particular bot has already affected over 650,000 Macs – and that is no small potatoes!

The server at the IP address displays a fake webpage designed to appear similar to the legitimate Google site.

Apple has developed a tool to detect and remove the Flashback trojan according to the BBC news, technology.

For a long time, Macs have not been vulnerable to PC malware – which remains true! However – now they are vulnerable to Mac malware.  Instructions on how to confirm if your Mac has been infected can be found on the security firm F-Secure’s website.

Good luck, Mac users – if you need any help, give us a call!

Happy computing!

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