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Computer Wrangler has been keeping businesses up and running throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul for over ten years. Computer Wrangler expertly provides professional and friendly on-site and remote IT support, computer repair, and network solutions to small businesses, mid-size businesses, and home office professionals.“We handle the technical stuff, so you can focus on your business!”

On-Site Service!

Computers Setup for Optimal Performance

Technology is a Significant Investment for Your Business.

Computer Wrangler technicians configure your laptop or desktop from the start so that they perform optimally.  We set up your workstations, computers, printers, scanners, and other technology as best fits your needs—complete with software and anti-virus installation.  You can avoid problems in the future by letting us set it all up right from the start.

You need your computers to be up and running smoothly without error messages.  Many computer problems are easily avoided by correct initial setup.  Most business and home office users are unaware that simply following the typical computer manufacturer’s instructions makes your computers prone to common problems down the line.

Computer Set-Up Services Include:

From out of the box to sending your first email!

  • Unpacking and properly placing hardware
  • Separating materials to save and those to dispose
  • Initial start up and configuration
  • Removing unwanted junk programs
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Configuring email
  • Configuring Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
  • Replacing your Yooey!
    • Arranging desktop and background, icons and shortcuts how you like them.
    • Transferring data, pictures, documents, email and favorites
    • Placing your documents, pictures, music and more where you’re used to finding them!
  • Advising and configuring the single most important thing that everyone forgets: COMPUTER BACKUPS!
  • Making sure you are protected from hackers with Antivirus and a first level Firewall.
  • Making sure your new investment is protected with surge protection on battery backup.
  • Placement and securing of your wireless router/firewall.

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