Slow Computer Fix

“Why is my computer running so slowly???”

Every time someone tells us that their computer is bogging down, it’s too slow, it’s not like it used to be, we ask them how much memory (or RAM) they have.  Usually, they don’t have enough.

Most everyone equates RAM with the amount of stuff they have on their computer.  Too many pictures, too many downloaded programs and all that.   But it’s not the same thing.  That’s storage space.  Think of it like this:

Storage = Hard disk space =  is all your pictures and documents and music and email.   THIS HAS VERY LITTLE IMPACT ON THE SPEED OF YOUR MACHINE. 

RAM is what your computer can think about all at once.  Like trying to remember a dozen phone numbers or recipes. 

It’s short term memory.  And it’s contained on a usually inexpensive “chip”. 

This is the SINGLE BEST UPGRADE you can make to your machine.

Our minimum recommendations are:

 XP – 2 Gigabytes

Windows Vista – 4 Gigabytes

Windows 7 – 4 Gigabytes

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