What is the right printer for my business?

Isn’t it cool how you can buy a printer for less than $100? Pretty amazing.  Also pretty amazing is how much money you’ll spend in the next year or two not only replacing ink cartridges but also frustration and lost time keeping it running or printing cleanly.  Don’t waste your time.

It’s a better decision for a business to purchase a solid business grade printer for the majority of printing needs.  After all, your business generates how much revenue per hour?  What will you lose if your printer is down or you’re having to fix it?

Rule of thumb: If you print most of your docs black and white, get a laserjet.  Yes you will spend at least $500 up front but it’ll pay for itself quickly in keeping your business running and less dollars spent replacing ink cartridges or toner.

Even color lasers are becoming more affordable.  Still we’d recommend spending at least $850-1000 for a decent model.

Of course you’ll find less expensive options out there but everything the same, you get what you pay for.

Good luck and happy computing!

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