UPS or surge protector for your computer?

This will be quick.  And the endpoint will be that you should be protecting your computer equipment with a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) rather than a surge protector.


Computer equipment is susceptible to fluctuations in power ranging from a power-outage to a lightning strike.  There are many power levels in-between.   Only one of which is good for your computer.

In short:

Both devices protect against power spikes.  This is assuming of course that you don’t have the cheapest surge protector picked up at the local big-box store.

But here’s the key:  A good UPS will also protect you against downward fluctuations in power.  Ever seen the lights flicker when the AC kicks on?  Computers hate that.  A UPS more or less “conditions” the power that is arriving at your computer.  Think happy PC.

A UPS is not expensive, under $100 for what you need.  Don’t buy the cheapest but go at least one step up.  Brand names?  APC is the de facto standard.

If you get hit by lightning?  Well, let’s just say we hope you were vacationing up north at the time…

Happy computing!

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