Trust technology, but always verify!

In the computer world, we take to heart a former President’s phrase of “Trust, but verify”.

Too many times we’ve come into situations where computer users believe one thing, but further examination reveals another.

That’s why at Computer Wrangler when we set up backups for instance, we take the time to verify that what’s supposed to be getting backed up is actually getting backed up.  You can pay a zillion dollars for backup but if it’s not selecting the right files, it’s not worth much.  Or that antivirus you paid for, but it’s now a half year out-of-date because it was never activated and your PC is infected.  Perhaps your new, supposedly-fast laptop doesn’t seem much faster than the old one just because one check box wasn’t checked.

We get the big picture, the bonus is we’re also about the details.

That’s why when we troubleshoot any particular issue, we methodically take the time and extra steps to make sure that all will be well when we walk out the door.

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