Shut Down Your Computer?

To shut down, or not to shut down? That is the question – and the answer is…

People always ask us:  Should I be turning my computer off at night or leaving it on?

There are three ways to answer this. 

1) If you are out to completely conserve on energy, then go ahead and turn off the computer – but be sure to unplug it as well, as even when computers are off, they still draw electricity!

2) We usually recommend that if you’ll be using the computer the next day, leave it on and let it go to sleep.  Modern power-saving features of computers are pretty effective at reducing power consumption.

 3) If you won’t be using the computer for a day or two, like on a weekend, shut it all the way down. This has the added benefit that Windows does better when it’s restarted every once and a while.

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