The cost of spam!

How much does spam cost?

Considering that 94% of all email sent is spam, it can cost quite a bit in lost productivity.  Estimates are about $25 billion per year and climbing.  At a minimum, people spend between 1-2 full work days each year cutting through spam.

• If it makes it to the inbox, you have to delete it.
• If it gets filtered but it wasn’t supposed to, you have to un-delete it.
• And after you’re done with all that, you have to remember what you were doing in the first place.

That doesn’t even count the viruses and malicious links that could be included.  Eeeeww, there are BUGS in my spam???

The best free spam filter we’ve found so far is SpamFighter, available at  They have a paid version also that costs as little as 6 cents a day.

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