The Best Printer

Which one is the best one to buy?

 First off, let’s get this clear.  At anything less than $500 printer companies make all their money off of the supplies.  The toner, the ink.  Above that they still make money on supplies, but it’s not as egregious.

 That free printer that comes with a computer?  There’s a reason for that.  It will have low output per cartridge and it may even be tied into buying only the manufacturers  ink.  Stay away.

 Which brand works best?  There are really only two players:  HP and Epson. Brother, Lexmark, Dell are such a hit and miss proposition that you shouldn’t base a business decision on them.

 Of course the industry has introduced the All-In-One that prints, scans, faxes and makes your morning toast for you.  Price tag about $250.  These actually work quite well for the small office with minimal printing needs.  Be advised, absolutely nobody repairs these.  Sad to say but these are considered throwaway printers.

 Rule of thumb to decide:  Do you print a lot?  How much do you need to print in color?

 If you print only a little, inkjets work great.  Spend no less than $100 on one of these.

 If you print only a little, and only black and white, get a laserjet, price tag close to $300 or less.  In the long run you’ll save money.

 If you print a lot, spend the money on either a solid LaserJet, price tag $800.  Or consider contracting with a network printer company to lease a printer.  This will also give you the ability to scan, fax, and print from a central location.  Supplies and repairs usually are included.

As always, if you have specific questions, we’re happy to answer them.

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