Specialized Software – does your business need it?

Computer Wrangler provides technical support to a wide range of companies.  One common thread we’ve seen among growing, strong companies is that they invest in their primary software.  They invest in the support experts with knowledge necessary to keep any specialized software tool as sharp as the day it was purchased.

Accountants, attorneys, sales people… auto repair, insurance agents, bankers, architects, landscapers and so on, often use special software designed precisely to run their business.  We’ve found that companies that keep that software up to date and purchase the support plan the software company offers, have significantly less downtime than companies that do not.

It’s kind of an inertia thing.  Like paying for antivirus instead of using the free version.  Your dollars spent on their product allows them to build and improve their product.  And their goal is to provide you with software that reduces downtime, makes your time spent more efficient, and increases your bottom line.  And so you can afford to buy their product.  Teamwork that is win-win.

So if you find yourself working in a software package that is more than 1-2 years old, and you hesitate to call the support line because of the cost, consider an upgrade to the latest and greatest as an investment in your business.  And yes, most definitely and emphatically, get the support contract because your time spent tripping over technical details is time not spent doing what you do best.  Which of course translates into revenue.  Besides, you can rest easier knowing when you need it, the answer is just a phone call away.

Happy computing!

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