Solar Flares and Technology

Okay, this might be a bit of geeky science but Monday the sun emitted a solar flare which will cause the largest solar radiation storm since 2005.

We’ll probably see the effects today.

The most major concern is GPS systems which are often satellite-based, but also some communication systems. Aircraft are being rerouted to avoid interference.

Why should you care? Even as our technology races forward, it’s always susceptible to Mama Nature.  Most of us don’t connect the idea of our laptop with the greater concepts of physics and environment. But since our businesses rely on IT continuity, if you have mission-critical servers or can’t function without computers, plan ahead for disruptions. Many businesses don’t but they lose revenue in the lack of foresight.

So it’s always wise to have a well thought out plan of what to do when your systems go down. Do you have one?

Give us a call if you don’t – we can help you out.

Happy computing!

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