Shop Local!

This holiday season let’s make an investment in our own local communities. 

Some of us are business owners –  let’s be conscious of where we’re spending our dollars and how it affects our neighborhood.  Rationally speaking, it might be the best action we can take to increase our own bottom line. 

Computer Wrangler provides (excellent) technology services.  Since we’re in the business of technology and how that has made our lives more global, we feel it’s important for us to illuminate the fact that money spent locally, elevates all small businesses locally.  Those businesses and people can in turn better afford to purchase our products and services.  Simple math.

Look at your supply lines, look at your online purchases.  Are they coming from offshore?  Inch up the priority that your vendors return significant dollars into the ecosystem in which we all swim.

This is an easy step we can all take to get our economy rolling again.

Happy computing!

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