SAVE MONEY! And extend the life of your laptop.

Three Simple Tips:

1)      Plug in laptop’s charger to the laptop first, or to the power outlet?

In reality, it probably shouldn’t matter – but plug it into the power outlet first.  That first spark of electricity is better handled by the charger than the laptop.  Might be pure superstition, but we don’t think so since the charger is much cheaper to replace than anything else!

2)      How do you plug in/unplug the charger from the laptop?

You should know that DC jack repair is one of the more common expenses people incur with their laptop.  Don’t just yank the jack out of the laptop – squeeze it.  With the thumb and forefinger, grasp the plug. Half of both fingers should be touching against the laptop when you start.  Squeeze the plug out.  Same goes for those disk drives, too, folks!

3)      Is walking around with the charger’s jack still attached okay?

OMG, NOOOOO! You are just asking for problems.  In physics, it is a simple math equation that proves you are at exponentially greater risk when you move your laptop with the charger attached.  Think leverage.

There.  We just saved you around $189 with this tip!  Now go out and buy yourself something nice.

Happy computing!

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