Resolution for 2011? Have data backups in place!

43%.  A new year is about to start so this is a number to remember.  43%.

 That’s the percentage of people who will lose irreplaceable files this next year.  Almost a 1 in 2 chance. 

 A new client of ours in Shoreview, MN recently had a serious hardware crash – all of their data was lost and it cost them over $2000 to salvage what they could. That is a pretty steep price to pay for procrastination!

 Where do computer problems come from?

 Over 1 / 2  are caused by hardware or equipment

About 1 / 3 are caused by viruses or human error

1 in 10 are caused by program crashes or software corruption

 Doesn’t really matter much though does it?  The files are still gone. 

 Unless you had a backup.

How about a New Year’s 2011 resolution be to get a backup in place! 

 Have it working by Tuesday 1/11/11 (just because that’s a cool date).

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