My computer crashed!

Just last week my computer crashed.  Caused by, wait for it, a Windows Automatic Update.

 Now thankfully I could continue on with some of my work because I also use a laptop.  But a number of core business functions existed only on that PC.  We had two things in place that made this crisis completely survivable:

 1)       Online backup

2)      A team that understands the importance of the Yooey.

 For those of you who have forgotten, the Yooey is phonetic for UE or User Environment.  Had my PC been given back to me with the “wipe and clean install” so many other computer service companies perform, I would be looking at 5 or 6 hours of work to get back to halfway functioning.  Just like someone coming into your office and re-arranging the desk and chair and filing system and what’s in each drawer in that desk.  Oh yeah, they also rearranged the pictures on your walls and changed all the adjustments on your chair.  They didn’t take the extra step to save your Yooey.  Your working space you’re used to.

 But because of Computer Wrangler’s focus on the importance of the Yooey, I was able to sit down at my recovered PC and not miss a step.  It was a refreshing experience to see things from our client’s perspective.

 Another Yooey saved!

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