Laptop & Desktop Holiday Shopping Deal Guidelines

Quick Shopping Guideline for the Holidays

Now that the elections have made way for Holiday shopping ads to begin their full assault, we thought it’d be good to be prepared for the bombardment with a couple general guidelines:

First – for business people and adults, think mid-range.  That laptop whose price seems too good to be true?  There’s a reason for that.  They break down easily and can be expensive to repair.  You’re going to want to spend no less than $800.  That will get you out of the “toy” category into the “useful” category.  This goes for desktop models also.

Second – consider what you want to use it for – a media center/presentation computer will require a lot more horsepower than a standard business PC.  How much horsepower? That brings us to the next tip -

Third – New terms for 2010?  — i3, i5, i7 –  Think of it as i3 =Kids;  i5 = Solid Business;  i7 = Power User.

Fourth – We usually recommend 3 years of hardware warranty, especially on laptops.  Be sure to check out insurance policies on these laptops – State Farm Insurance offers a policy for $30-$50/year for any kind of laptop damage, theft or loss!  For more information on that, talk to Amy Wakem, State Farm Agent .

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