Keep your computers up to speed!

Slow computer? Here are some quick tips to get you speeding along that Information Highway!

  1. Get rid of rogue programs or applications. Maleware, spyware, ransomware, etc. Maleware is not classified as a virus, which can spread from computer to computer.  Maleware is not contagious, it is like a sliver.  Painful, but you can’t give it to a family member.
  2. Right click on your recycle bin icon and hit ‘empty recycle bin’.  This also includes emptying your ‘deleted items’ folder in your email,  your junk (spam) folder and your infected items folder.
  3. If your hard disk is really full, your computer will be running really slow.  YOu may need to do some disk cleanup. 10% of disk space should be free.  (check this by looking at ‘computer’ when clicking on start button.  Disk Cleanup do before going to lunch, it could take awhile. To do a disk cleanup, go to (button formerly known as) start menu (like the musician, Prince!), all programs, accessories, system tools, disk cleanup.  This action deletes .tmp files (temporary files), the .chk files (lost file fragments), the tilde files (temporary copy files). *Ccleaner is faster version of disk cleanup, and more effective.
  4. Your computer can be like a library in a windstorm – pages might get loose in a book and fly all over the library.  This program puts the pages back in the appropriate book. *Defraggler (also found on this runs faster than the disk defragmenter. To do a disk defrag go to start menu, all programs, accessories, system tools, disk defragmenter.
  5. Remove unneeded programs.  Go to the ‘button formerly known as’ the start button  – Control panels, Programs & Features.  Uninstall the programs you no longer use.  Better safe than sorry, if you don’t know what it is, maybe keep it…
  6. Add more RAM.  RAM is the short term memory (do you remember what maleware is from the beginning of my blog?? If not, you need more RAM…) another example – computer not keeping up with your typing speed. Very annoying. *AND/OR – switch your hard drive to a solid state drive!  No moving parts and amazingly faster… Here you may want to enlist our services in transferring your data…

That should do it!  Now you can cruise along at a speed you are happy travelling…

Happy computing!

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