Increase your Internet IQ – Avoiding the Advertising!

Two quick tips today.

Have you ever tried to search for something on the internet and the first two pages are filled with advertising trying to sell you something?

Here are probably the two quickest ways to screen out what are called “content farms”.  Content farms are companies that publish large amounts of text out onto the internet so their sponsored sites rise into the first screen of search results.  This often fools the major search engines like Google and Yahoo and gets ads flashed up right into your face.  Let’s fight back.  Here are two tools:

1)       The mighty “-“ (dash) or negative/minus symbol.

2)      The infamous chicken scratches or air quotes.  i.e. “something”

Number one will filter out any word you put immediately after it, no spaces.  Have you searched for healthy alternatives to fast food?  Only to come up with the Yelp website promoting McDonalds for too many results.  Just put in a (dash) -McDonalds, (dash) -yelp, and those results will disappear.

Getting specific is what the air quotes are all about.  Looking for a refurbished Chevrolet truck transmission?  Instead of just typing in that, try enclosing it in quotation marks.  This tells the search engine to only find sites that contain that exact verbage, nothing else.

You’ll have to play with this a bit to get the hang of it, but you’ve already raised your Internet IQ by a dozen points.

Happy Computing!

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