Email Organization

Swimming in email?  Well, here is a quick tip – since so many of us never delete emails and don’t even bother to organize them!  But every once in a while you might want to look up something from a year or two ago.

Soon your Inbox has become huge and email is really slow.

We recommend separating emails chronologically.  Make new folders that are labeled 2010, 2011, 2012, etc.  In those label them Inbox and Sent.  Sort accordingly.  Most people forget Sent.  But these are the two most important folders you should have at hand should you need to refer back.

If your business is financial or HIPAA related you might be required to keep records for 3, 5, 7 years.  This is an easy way to make certain you’re protected and to keep your email application performing at top speed.

As to the technical part, email programs pay attention first to what’s in front of you, what’s new, what’s happening now. In reality if you keep just the last 4-6 months of messages at easy access you’ll be enjoying the benefit of a fast email program as well as knowing that if need be, you can always research back.

Happy Computing!

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