Do I turn off my computer?

Short answer – YES! But not constantly.  Constant cold starts aren’t good for the computer.

Longer answer – Memory leaks!

Why is it a good idea to restart your PC every once in awhile?

All those gazillion lines of code that make the pretty pictures and letters on your computer screen use your memory or RAM.  They are supposed to give it back when you close a program, but some don’t.  That’s called a memory leak.  And it makes your machine slow down over time.

If you’re a computer guru you can spot them and stop the leak.  But the easiest way to get that memory back is to shut down your machine.

So! Turn off that computer once in awhile – like Friday afternoon when you are taking off from the office for the weekend, or Monday morning when you are heading into the office for the week!  And no, just restarting the computer doesn’t count.  You have to completely turn it off.

Of course you can call us if you have any questions!

Happy computing!

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