Computer Cleanliness – Dust, dust, dust!

Have you ever dusted out your computer?

 If yes, good for you.  If not, here’s why you should:  Computers hate heat.

 99% of computers we service have a build-up of dust that not only reduces performance as components heat up, but also reduces their longevity, and can cause odd behavior.  In English, that means your computer won’t last as long, it might not go as fast, and it might crash.

 You don’t necessarily need a service call from a technician to do this.  Go out and buy a bottle of canned air.  We recommend you buy two, you’ll find out why when you do it.

 Note: Don’t touch any of the inside parts until you’ve touched the computers steel case, this discharges static electricity.

 Shut down, pull all the plugs, take it outside and undo the screws from the case.  Open it up and dust out every build up of dust you can see, especially on the fans and heat sink.  What’s a heat sink you ask?  It’s where all that dust has collected on the contraption attached to the biggest computer-y circuit board in the system.  You’ll see the dust.  Dust everywhere.  Use that second can!  (When they get cold they don’t spray as well).  Don’t forget the fan on the power supply.  That’s the fan closest to where you plug the power cord into the back of the machine.

 Do this once a year if you’re in a standard office environment.  Twice a year if you work in a mechanical shop or restaurant.

 Of course, we’re happy to come do this for you, just give us a call!

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