Clean your computer!

What do dust, animal hair, mice, roaches and snakes all have in common?  Yep, you guessed it!  These are all things that can, and have been, found in CPUs! (Central Processing Unit  – or- your computer box… okay, hopefully no snakes in *your* CPU!)

ANY of these items can affect the cooling fan(s) in your system and slow it down (not to mention leave nasty messes to clean up!)  Hence, it is a good idea on occasion to clean that CPU, so friendly critters don’t decide to move in.  And it is a fairly easy project, if you are up to it.

I like to joke that I recently read about another computer company who wanted their clients to come in and get their computer cleaned out – and that the computer company had ’specialized tools’ to do it!  Well, unless your computer is REAlly nasty, that specialized tool is really a can of air – and pretty easy to pick up at your local office supply store.

Your first step is to bring the computer outside (preferably NOT on a rainy day!) – cuz,  unless you are my father-in-law, whose computer is the only one we have seen in our 12+ years in business that did NOT have a spec of dust in it, you will have a dusty CPU interior.

Now, take the side off of your computer – there may be screws holding it in place or clips, etc., you just need to figure that out on your own as each make of computer is different. Trying not to touch anything on the inside of your computer, locate the fan(s) in your system, grab that can of air and blow!  In fact, any dust you see in there at all – keep on blowing!

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a cleaner, speedier computer!  And the hard drive thanks you!

If you need help – give us a call or drop off your system.  We can clean out your system, too… with our ’specialized tools’.

Happy computing!

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