Clean Out Your Inbox!

Time for just a little housekeeping.

You know how you just keep all those emails and never do anything with them?  The turn of the year is a good time to get at least organized enough so that your Inbox isn’t telling you there are 5000 emails and 1500 of them are unread.

If nothing else, we have a strategy for you.  Create archive folders for the year, just two of them.  One is called Inbox-2012, the other is called Sent-2012.

Highlight all the Inbox email from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012 and drag them to this new Inbox-2012 folder.  Do the same for Sent items.  Voila!  Clean Inbox.

This should actually help speed up your email since Outlook or Thunderbird doesn’t have to list all 5000 emails anymore.  But if you still absolutely need that email from spring of the previous year, it’s still there.

One thing to note is that this works best if you don’t create the folders as sub-folders within the Inbox.  Create them at the same top-level as Inbox.  Some email programs even advise you not to make sub-folders in the Inbox.

Call us if you have having problem with all that filing!

Happy computing – and Happy New Year!

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