What Antivirus Program is the best?

People always ask us what antivirus program is the best.

 Here’s our take, and it’s from the technician viewpoint:  Eset’s NOD32 Antivirus/Antispyware, hands down.  You’ve probably never heard of it.

 NOD32 hasn’t missed an “in the wild” virus since pre-turn of the century.  It’s fast, it’s effective, it’s competitive in price.  We just wish we received a kickback from recommending their software.  An “in the wild” virus is one that the major antivirus vendors aren’t already studying in their labs.

 Why is this important?  If a virus is “in the wild”, it means that the antivirus companies don’t yet know about it.  It’s spreading from computer to computer relatively unseen and unchallenged.  Experts say that in-the-wild viruses pose the most significant threat to computers worldwide.

 Okay, so Norton and McAfee are the big dogs, they’ve got a fairly large advertising budget.  Our experience is that they cripple a PC so much in order to achieve “security” that they sacrifice either processing power or the movement of technology toward ease of use.  What is ease of use?  Most of us just want the computer to do what we want it to do, we don’t care about what’s under the hood.  Step on the gas, you go.  Punch in a number on your iPhone, it dials.

 NOD32 does that best.  But.  With every single antivirus sold in the world, there is a caveat.  Malware (technically not a virus) can get behind them and still mess up your machine.  No system is perfect.  But having dealt with thousands of infected machines, we’ve found NOD32 far and above to be the most secure solution.


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