Tech savy advice…

Practical advice from the front-lines.

We’ve just gotten past the latest plague of malicious software infections. Started about mid-December, tapered about mid-January. If you didn’t get hit, consider yourself lucky because a lot of victims were NOT sloppy internet users or people who open every email they’re sent. You got lucky.

A couple pieces of advice:

1)      STOP using Internet Explorer! It is the number 1 target of every hacker out there.

Use Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari as your primary browser. Internet Explorer might be needed for some sites you visit but use it for only that.

2)      GET a PAID antivirus on your PC. We recommend NOD32 available at . Although we’ve seen this last infiltration get past every AV out there, the infections appear milder with the paid antivirus solutions. The cost of prevention is less than $50 each year. The cost of cure can be 4-5 times that. And that doesn’t count your lost productivity.

Stay safe out there, and happy computing!

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