Spam Fighter – what works best? SpamFighter, of course!!

In previous weeks we recommended our favorite choice for antivirus/antimalware.  That was ESET’s NOD32, available at

We’re going to step out once again here and recommend our favorite SPAM fighting software and that’s SpamFighter.  Available at

We’ve tested other software and have consistently found that SpamFighter does just what its name says it does.  It fights spam.  We have numerous users that receive hundreds of emails each day and they previously had to weed through all the junk to get to the actual important stuff.  SpamFighter has made their lives much easier.  Filtering out  400+ spams down to the 20 that were real emails.

They have a free version, which works quite well.  But we recommend the paid version (costs $29/year) because of the excellent value it provides.  If your time is more valuable than 8 cents per day, this is a no brainer.

If you’re on a business network with an email server, SpamFighter will also stop spam from reaching your mobile phone.

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