Safe shopping and banking online!

Is it safe to shop and bank online?

 In a word, yes.

 You’re more likely to have your personal or business information stolen by other people while making transactions in public places.  Or not shredding all those bank statements or credit card offers.  Identity theft via an online data breach is estimated at about 2% of all identity thefts.  So it’s pretty low.

 Still, the weak link is how protected and up to date is your PC?  Current AntiVirus? Check.  Current AntiSpyware? Check.  We’ll assume you didn’t skimp on those, right?  Are you responding to an unexpected email that requests identifying information?  Um, hold on there… don’t do it.  Even if you recognize the bank or the online store, they should never ask you for identifying information.  That’s a big red flag.  Use the phone at that point.

 But…. NOT your cell phone and not an older cordless phone.  A cell phone signal can be tapped just about anywhere, so don’t use those to transmit your private info.  The key is public places.  An internet hotspot is public (coffee shop, hotel, library, etc…)  So don’t bank online at any of those. 

 Remember the three “P’s”:

Protected PC.

Private internet connection.

Plugged-in phone.

 And you’ll be okay.

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