Passwords – Help!!

A client recently mentioned to me that he now had 12 different email addresses, 6 different phone numbers, 4 websites, 3 Twitter accounts, 3 Facebook pages, and a Starbucks app on his iPhone. (Good thing, he needs the caffeine just to keep up!!)

There was a short pause then he added: And about 200 passwords !

Can anyone relate, especially, to the zillion passwords?

Get used to it.  But have a plan.

Four rules:

First rule of thumb when it comes to passwords:  You want to stop being the low hanging fruit.

Low hanging fruit is a password that:

1)      Uses a word that can be found in a dictionary

2)      Can be used to identify you (i.e. your first name and your birthdate)

3)      Is too short

4)      Doesn’t make use of the Big 3:  Upper and Lower Case, numbers, and punctuation

Second rule of thumb: If you have to write down your passwords, keep them somewhere safe like a wallet, safe, safety deposit box, or encrypted software application.

Third rule:  Don’t ever let anyone watch you type in a password.  Shield the keys!

Fourth and last rule:  That Secret Question to recover your lost password?  Make it really, really hard.  Something only you (and maybe your mom) would know.

Wow.  That makes Mom a security risk.

Sorry Mom!

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