Microsoft Patch Tuesday – update, update, update!

Today is “Patch Tuesday” at Mircosoft.  This means that they are issuing their montly updates and this particular Patch Tuesday is significant because Microsoft is issuing a dozen and a half updates.  This is much, much higher than normal. 

What does that mean for you?  Get the updates!  We suspect there is something out there in what geeks call “the wild”, and it is seriously jeopardizing the security on everyone’s PCs.

Many PCs are automatically updated, but it is worth double checking that your is, too.

How?  First, double check that your Antivirus is up to date.

Second, go to Control Panel and select Windows Updates  – then run it!  Leave your PC turned on for the night.

You should see a message in the morning that your computer has been updated.  If not, call us, we can walk you through it!

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