Microsoft Calling?

Too many people are still getting that call from Microsoft telling them that their system has been compromised and they need to let the caller remote into their computer system if they want anything saved at all.  And TOO many of those people are older folks who might not know better.

PLEASE tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. that Microsoft does not CARE about their computer. And if they allow someone they don’t know who calls them on the phone to remote into their system, they are allowing a stranger complete access to their computer – all the files and personal information. They are also allowing a stranger to potentially place a software onto their system that allows the stranger to see every move they make on their computer, from banking to their FB account to bill paying.  Or a software that will allow the Scammer Stranger to log onto their computer at the stranger’s leisure to purchase whatever items Scammer Stranger chooses while internet shopping.

Troy Hunt, a blogger, actually allowed one of these scammer companies onto his computer intentionally, after making all safety precautions.  You can check out the blog here: Troy Hunt – Scamming the Scammers. (Do not try this at home, folks!)  In short, they talk circles around you, show you where non-issues are causing major problems on your system and then get the credit card…or just wait to prey on your every move.

Just a warning to be careful out there!

Happy computing!

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