Macintosh/Apple virus?

So finally the Macintosh/Apple operating system is prevalent enough to warrant attention from hackers.

How many out there use an Apple computer at home or in the office?

There is a new (not virus) but spyware/malware out there that is targeting Macs.  It’s called MacDefender or MacProtector.  What it will do is the same as on a PC and encourage you to pull out your credit card and buy whatever it is it’s offering.  That’s your first clue.

Don’t do it.

With an Apple you can go to the Apple menu in the upper left hand corner and choose to Force Quit this malicious little advertisement.  It shouldn’t show it’s face again.

In our opinion, the more forceful assault against the Mac OS will start with the iPhone.  In any case there’s been a shot across the bow and soon it will be time to protect your Macs just like the Windows PCs so famous for getting “infected”.  Be advised.

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