Fake Security 2012 VIRUS ALERT

Some news from the front line.  We’ve received a very high number of calls from clients that have been infected by the latest malicious software villain.  It’s called some form of Windows Security Alert.  It’s a fake.  And it’s trying to extort computer users to pay money.

The big deal about this one is that it’s a bit tough to remove and it appears to be mutating frequently.  It’s gotten past every single antivirus program out there.  As example:  It will flash a screen telling you anything like your hard drive is about to go belly up, you’re unprotected, you’re in danger of getting cancer from eating Cheetos.  And it wants money.  Don’t bite.  It’s a fishing expedition from essentially an organized crime syndicate.

Also, don’t freak out.

What can you do?  Often we’ll give tips to remove things like this by yourself.  Not this time.  It seems to have Microsoft and all the Antivirus companies on their heels.  Just turn your computer off.  This rogue appears to infect more deeply the more you try to get rid of it. Get someone experienced, like Computer Wrangler, to take care of it for you.

Hopefully the AntiVirus companies and Microsoft will patch this soon but until then, it’s a war zone.  We’re on your side.

Happy and SAFE Computing!


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