Facebook vs. Google

It appears that the two giants are quarreling!  The mystery in Silicon Valley has unfolded to find that it was Facebook who hired a PR firm to plant negative stories about the search engine mogul, Google. 

According to Business Insider, Facebook spokesman stated the reason they did it was because they believe Google is doing some things to raise privacy concerns, but mostly because Facebook resents Google’s attempts to use what they consider their data in its own social-networking service, ‘Social Circle’.

How is Google doing this?  Well, some of the information that pops up under ‘secondary connections’ in Google’s Social Circle is content pulled straight from Facebook. Just as Google built Google News by taking content created by online newspapers and repackaging it, so now they aim to build a social-networking business by using that rich user data that Facebook has collected.

This battle between Google and Facebook represents one of the biggest battles of the Internet Age – whose side are you on?

To read the full article, go to BusinessInsider.com.

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