IT ‘On the Cheap’

Many business owners view computers and internet and technicians as a cost – sitting only on one side of the balance sheet.

However, this perspective is costing those owners far more than they’re saving by doing things “on the cheap”.

Consider that anything that interrupts revenue stream has a very serious effect on profitability. And that creates a lot of anxiety for a business owner, something we’d all like to avoid.

Consider the case of a Veterinary Clinic in Minneapolis. Each day the owner would walk in and be faced with another bombardment of his staff saying the system is down, I can’t print invoices, we had to hand-write bills for services.

Besides the unprofessional appearance they displayed to clients, employees were annoyed and angry, time was lost having to double-entry paper and digital. Whole lots of frustration, energy taken away from the most important factor: revenue stream. It was a mess.

CW came in, assessed their entire workflow and technology status. We implemented our field-tested best practices and 8 months later, we’ve only received a couple calls from them and those were so minor it was like a picnic.

Needless to say, the Doctor is a very happy camper and working at peak efficiency.

Moral of the story: If you stop to do the analysis, technology costs are dwarfed by lost revenue every time. Make the investment. There’s a high cost to doing things “on the cheap”.

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