Fix or Replace That Old Computer?

Want to keep using that old computer?

If you are looking at costs – you’d better weigh your options!

A recent study   - Keeping Notebooks Past Their Prime: A Study of Failures and Costs – shows that keeping notebooks past their prime costs businesses far more that it saves.

Many companies are extending the useful life of their notebook computers from the recommended 3 years to 5 years in an effort to save on replacement costs.

• Keeping notebooks an additional 2 years (into years 4 and 5) actually costs $960 per machine, which is equivalent to a typical replacement cost.

• Further, outdated equipment will cost the organization in end user lost productivity.

In short, seriously re-consider keeping that notebook or desktop once it is past 3-4 years, or it may cost you!  But also keep in mind that there is cost and time involved for that new computer - for data transfer and setting it up the way you are used to.  Whatever your decision – we can help out!

Happy computing!

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