Does my business need a server??

A server is designed to hold, manage, send and process data.

 If you share information with others in your office, a server is more reliable than a PC.  It also offers more capabilities than a desktop acting as a server.  You will see a performance boost in access to information.  You will see a much more stable, dependable environment.

When do you need a server?

 Not all companies need a server.  We generally gauge any offices over 3-4 computers as potential candidates for a server.

 Information is centralized, not scattered.  Backups are much improved so that you don’t lose information.  And staff communication can be evolved into an entirely new realm of productivity.  Of course, security is greatly enhanced.

 Though not mandatory, a server is a logical step in company growth and should be considered in any long range plan.  Definitely worthwhile if the goal is to streamline information and increasing uptime.

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