Computer Service is All About PEOPLE.

Computer Wrangler has been in business for over 10 years – Dave, the owner, has been working with technology for a quarter of a century!  (But don’t tell him you heard it here…)  Over the years we’ve taken care of thousands of computers, networks, hundreds of servers and gazillions of gadgets.  But that’s only the technology.

 What we’ve learned in our many years of experience, is that the technology is secondary; we’re actually taking care of people.  It’s all about how people interact with technology that’s the important piece.  What do individuals and the businesses they run want technology to do for them?

 That’s why we coined the term: Yooey.

 ’Yooey’ is phonetic for the acronym UE.  (Techs love acronyms!)  User Environment.  That’s the center of your experience with the technology universe.  Just as you’ve got your office or home designed so the chair is here, the desk there, picture on the walls just so.  Hey, even a little music in the background.  So it is with your technology – icons here, email there, and even a personalized picture for your wallpaper! That’s your Yooey.

 We gear our efforts to protecting and enhancing your User Environment so you can do exactly what you want to do, the way you want to do it.  We save your Yooey.

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