Which cell phone do I buy for my business?

Everyone has a cell phone.  Is yours living up to what it can do for you? In this day and age, technology is merging and phones & computers are a part of that convergence! 

 If all you want to do with your cell phone is make and receive calls, that’s fine.  But you won’t be using technology to further your business goals.

 Cell phones today will allow you to take your calendar with you, all your contacts, all your email, and even your internal customer database and marketing tools.  This is where technology is moving towards and it’s best to get onboard right now.

 It’ll be confusing for a bit and you’ll curse the day this stuff was invented, but you should adapt it into your business process.

How to judge:

  • Palm – A nice interface and a loyal following, but too late to the party.
  •  iPhone – Good start, not directly geared to business though very interactive with consumer technologies.
  • Windows Phones – If Microsoft could make it any more painful to stick to their brand they should get a medal.  Still, it’s an industry standard and can’t be ignored.
  • Blackberry – Rock solid business phone though lagging behind the curve in “coolness”.
  • Droid – Very cool, showing a lot of promise but many corporate level applications won’t play nicely with them.  Yet.

 Bottom line:  If you’re part of a big company, choose Blackberry or Windows phones.  If you’re independent or in a field that could be called “creative” or “artsy”, get a Droid or iPhone.

 And always remember, don’t text and drive!

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