Smartphone Help

Okay, you took the leap and now you have a SmartPhone.  What to do with it?

You have the world of videos, messaging, research and etc. at your fingertips!

But!   It is more about communication.  And it’s about when you are not situated at your main workstation.

Let’s keep it simple.

  • Need your email without the bulk of a notebook PC?  Use your smartphone.
  • Need to update your Facebook or LinkedIn to keep your search rank high?  Use your smartphone.
  • An autoglass repair or insurance company may need to snap pics of the damage for insurance reasons.  Use your smartphone and send the pics now.
  • A contractor may have look up a part number and availability at the supply store closest by.  Use your smartphone.
  • Marketing folks in the middle of a presentation may have to demo how their target clients website “looks” to their client base.  Think retail.  Use your smartphone.
  • An Attorney may need up to date notes from his support staff as he walks into court.  Use your smartphone.
  • A dentist might be relaxing on a Caribbean beach when one of her staff encounters a unique and emergency situation.  Use your smartphone.

More details to follow next week!  Send us your questions…

Happy computing!

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