Overheated laptop!

Can you leave your laptop in the car during summer in Minnesota?

Sure, what the heck.  Also leave your cell phone and iPod on the dashboard in a full sun, large blacktop parking lot.  But only if you don’t like them much and want to damage them!

Yes, you can probably get away with short amounts of time and occasional incidents but it’s not a good long term practice.  True, the processor typically runs hotter than a car will get but there’s a reason they put fans in these contraptions.  Generally speaking electronics don’t appreciate heat.

Batteries can be affected, sometimes permanently.  LCD screens can crack.  Some technicians even report rupturing of the liquid crystal.  Maybe the most susceptible component is the plastic casing and other parts which can cause all kinds of problems.  Think warping.

This all includes putting the laptop in the trunk while driving.  Keep it inside with you and try to moderate the temperature to which it’s exposed.  Laptops are designed to operate in an environment that is somewhere between 60-78 degrees Fahrenheit.  Think office temperatures.  Better cooler than hotter.

Coming next week:  Can I use my laptop while scuba-diving?…

Happy Computing!

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