Work Remotely on that Summer Vacation!

It is summer!  We all enjoy the great outdoors! As a matter of fact, I am writing this sitting on a log on the St.  Croix river while on a canoe / camping trip for our son’s 9th birthday.

It brought to mind how important technology is in this day and age! This morning at 9AM a client called with a computer issue. Dave, on vacation, was able to whip out the laptop, remote onto their system and resolve the issue before Jess had pancakes made! Granted,  it is a drag that he had to work on vacation, but how nice for the client. It’s just the kind of service Computer Wrangler offers.

Remote ability is not something just for techs, however! You, too can work while on vacation! Did you know that you – or the workaholic in your life – can log into your system to get that file you forgot, that balance sheet and P&L report  you need to give to the potential investor you just met, or help your teenager print that homework (like that would ever happen… ) Give us a call and we can help you figure out how to remotely resolve many problems! Or try it out yourself at – they are just one of many companies who will set you up and get you started.

Enjoy your summer and Happy Computing!

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