Windows 8 Review

Businesses are being understandably hesitant to adopt Windows 8.  The look and feel is changed completely with the Metro interface, seems like you’re looking at your cell phone on a large screen.  Consumers of course are being funneled into the role of beta-testers for Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Def: Beta-tester – Yeah, the product isn’t ready for prime time but it’ll be cheaper for us to force it on the retail market and have them find out the flaws we have to fix so business will buy it.

So just like Vista wasn’t ready, and the IT world heaved a sigh of relief when Windows 7 came out, it appears we might be reliving history with Windows 8 and will rejoice when Windows 9 arrives on the scene.  And for those of you old enough to go to a bar on your own, you might remember a similar episode with Windows Millennium in the antagonist role.  Is there a pattern here?

Some estimates show that even as late as mid-2012, Windows 7 had been adopted by just over half of small to medium businesses.  In the large enterprise market, Windows XP still dominates maybe as high as 80%.

Our recommendation: wait until at least 2014 to trust Windows 8 with your business health.

Happy computing!

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