Windows 8 – ready or not, here it comes!

Windows 8 is slated for wide release at the end of this month!

Mostly what you’ll see is a completely different screen (and I mean DIFFERENT), called a GUI or Graphical User Interface.  It’s designed to be more like a smartphone or tablet.  Simplified.  Another addition, and my personal favorite, is the new sad face icon when you computer crashes along with the blue screen of death. It adds such personality!

Our best advice at this time is for business users to avoid it.  Usually these new releases are full of bugs and only shine after a number of months of intense use and released fixes.  No need for your company to bear that cost. We haven’t seen too many problems with it yet, but reviews are mixed so far –  patience is suggested.

So home users go for it, live on what we call the bleeding edge.  Biz users, not so much.  But keep an eye on it and maybe in the next year it’ll be worthwhile to make the switch.

Happy computing!

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