Windows 8 – 2 Days & Counting!

Windows 8 is in the midst of the flurry of being released to the market.  That means new PCs in two days from now will be offering Windows 8 by default.  Windows users who bought PCs since June will be able to upgrade for $15.  But only until the end of January!

The biggest change in our view is twofold:

1)      Just like smartphones, Windows 8 is going to be “touchable”.  Slide, drag, push, zoom, etc., this version will have that.  Good and bad.  Just keep an ample supply of screen cleaner nearby.

2)      The theoretical push is to make interacting with your “device” more intuitive.  This is kind of a squishy term for taming your wild computer.  It should behave the way you want it to, without much extra teaching or learning.

Cool, we like change, innovation, but we have one caveat that should make chiropractors very happy:   Laptops, tablets and smartphones are ergonomically incorrect.  Generally speaking, unless situated on a desktop at a high enough eye level they cause the user to look down.  We won’t even address the concept of keyboarding on a compressed keyset.  (think carpal tunnel syndrome) .  Add to that the physical reach necessary to touch the screen and we’re not certain this is an improvement.  Except if people are no longer sitting at a desk but maybe at a standing desk where movement of the whole body is much better.  We consider this to be a good thing.

In any case, business users you should wait at least six months to consider this technology. In our experience there are no benefits worth considering Windows 8 before a year’s time.  You don’t really want to be the guinea pigs for a “new and improved” product now, do you?

Happy computing!

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