What is Snapchat??

A new front on the internet has arrived!

As the online world has developed, you should know that anything you put on the internet – your website, your blog, your comments to the local news website have been immortalized in the ever expanding web.  It doesn’t just disappear into the ether.  Maybe you didn’t already know that but careers have been ruined by just one whimsical Facebook post of a person at a party or a political comment on a letters-to-the-editor forum.

This was seed to a new industry that has adopted the “Mission Impossible” mantra of “this tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds, 4,….” .  The Snapchat app is one such agent.  You can send a pic and it will display for 10 seconds and then disappear.  Facebook has launched Poke to compete with Snapchat but results are mixed.  Still the idea you can send chats, messages, videos and pics that self-destruct points out the need for balance in the invasion of privacy that social networking brings upon us.

In the business world, the rule of thumb is still “If you don’t want your best client to see it, don’t put it out there.”

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