Voice Recognition

Where the tech world is headed is voice recognition.  What does this mean?

Yes you’re already able to ask Siri where the closest Thai restaurant is and how to find your way to some Google map location.  But that’s expected.

What it means is that you’ll be able to stop pounding out massive text on your keyboard.  You can just say it.  This technology is already here.  In fact, it’s been here for probably over a decade or more.  And it’s gotten really, really good.

What it does is convert speech to text.

We see this as the answer to the less than optimal keyboard operations on tablets and smaller devices.  We also see it as a natural extension of our interactions with technology.

Highest recommended?  Dragon Naturally Speaking.  And they have specialized modules geared toward your industry.

Price?  Maybe $100-500, depending on your needs.  It’s well worth it.

Hmmmm…. are we thinking holiday gifts??

Happy computing!

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