Technology Overload!

iPhones, Android, tablets, servers in the cloud.  Mobile phones that can make toast and all the info you want at the touch of a button. (They really can’t make toast yet – please don’t look for one that does and be disappointed!)

Don’t be overwhelmed.

Yes there are a lot of cool gadgets out there and yes social media swirls with activity and yes it changes almost by the minute.

But as business people, one always need to use a cool eye to view what’s all the latest rage.  Then ask the question: How could this help my business?  If I give all my employees smartphones and insist they get linked in and Facebooked and Twitter 10 times a day, how does that move toward my goals?

With the hype of all things new, our guiding principle should be based in the core of our business and secondarily looking at new technologies.  We don’t want to be stuck in “the old way”, but spending resources on today’s craze isn’t necessarily wise.

Computer Wrangler can be your advisor in that.  We deal with it every day and see how it affects businesses just like yours.  Tap our knowledge of what makes sense and what doesn’t.

We’re here for you – give us a call.  Happy computing!

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