Social Media – Hazards Ahead!

This comes a bit from the recent elections and business owners shooting themselves in the foot.

Today we’d like to caution everyone to their forays into social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Just like future employees, your biz, and some big name corporations, what you put out there online is completely public and open to scrutiny.  And it doesn’t go away.  It’s been recorded for all to see and you don’t want to alienate half your clients.

Tread lightly.  We’re in a new media realm and the hazards are only starting to be seen.  Anything you put out there should be positive, non-political, and helpful to your client base.  We advise to give a little bit away for free, just some pieces of, well, helpful stuff.

Business to Consumer, Business to Business, in today’s small business world, you must absolutely be focusing some energy into social media.  Getting your site mobile-optimized, keeping your name NON-obnoxiously in front of your client base, getting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tuned, it’s all important.  Keep it clean and you’ll see the benefit in your bottom line.

Happy Computing!

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